'A land of peace for creativity, friendship, honesty...

A way to blossom within our true inner nature, Love. 

A relation to the New Era, the era of Light.'

--------------------ZEN RETREAT-----------------

Join us on a path of light, love and learning, in a 7 day yoga & meditation retreat to study traditional Hatha Yoga techniques. Strentghten your practise, broaden your knowledge, and reconnect with your inner being in the intimate atmosphere of a small group. 


Enjoy relaxation and good times in the quietness of the countryside, surrounded by pineapple fields and mango trees, and the seaside of the gulf of Thailand.

Hua Hin, the great escape

Hua Hin area is a great combinaison of modernity with its popular city, and natural landscapes with many jungly national parks and long lonely beaches.

Some Fun for Everybody

Horse riding, kitesurfing, SUP, hiking, biking, paragliding, waterparks... or simply breathing in the garden, there is always something to enjoy. 

We are light in the Light

Our sanctuary is dedicated to Yoga and Meditation, and any holistic practices, expanded creativity.

All spaces are free to use.